Hi, I'm Erdem (ur · dm ) (listen)

I’m a hands-on technical leader with extensive experience at small- and medium-sized technology firms and a venture-funded startup, playing active leadership roles in spearheading the design and development of complex engineering systems. I was a strong individual contributor for a long time but lately, I have found out I add more value by organizing and integrating work, mentoring, grooming engineers and, creating an environment where each individual thrives so I'm mostly focusing on engineering management.

I have an undergrad degree in EECS, MSc in EECS from UMASS, and an MSc in System Design and Management from MIT. Early in my career, I worked on computational physics problems at companies where the end product was a physical product such as a satellite or a drone. I found myself engaging with mechanical, electrical, and aerospace engineers to build computational models for these disciplines. Since 2014, I've been focused on software products, such as machine learning algorithms and software platforms. I've found being exposed to a variety of engineering disciplines and products to be helpful in developing a systems approach to looking into issues. I try my best to use the best ideas from each discipline.

I was also fortunate to be involved in research projects and publish my research in academia and industry, first with Branislav Notaros (IEEE Fellow) on computational sciences, later with Ali Atia (IEEE Fellow) on complex aerospace systems and, with James Utterback (Professor of Management and Innovation, Emeritus, MIT) on technology management.

I'm actively hiring software engineers at all levels in Seattle and Boston for AWS Aurora team. Candidates from any background are welcome. Please connect with me if you are interested.

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